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Actant Now Supports Bitcoin Perpetual Swap and Options

Actant Now Supports Bitcoin Perpetual Swap and Options

Actant are proud to have successfully integrated with See the full joint statement below and at

“We are pleased to announce that as of 17 August 2020, the rising crypto derivatives exchange has completed integration with leading trading solution provider Actant and built another strong partnership in the derivatives trading ecosystem.

Actant delivers unique algorithmic programming flexibility and control to proprietary trading and market-making firms, investment banks and hedge funds and provide connectivity to a wide variety of 25 major derivatives and stock exchanges worldwide. With the latest partnership with, Actant further expands its footprint into cryptocurrency trading, the nascent but fast-growing asset class and the new favorite for some derivatives traders. All Actant users can now trade and clear on via Actant and manage all their portfolios in one place.

Reading the trend that traditional derivatives traders are getting more and more involved with cryptocurrency trading, believes the partnership will help accelerate the pace of adoption and provide another attractive liquid venue for traders who would like to participate in the exponential growth of crypto derivatives market which is happening right now.

Dan Ekengren, COO, Actant, says “Actant is excited by the growth and maturation of the Crypto derivatives market and has long been committed to supporting our clients’ demand for diversification across the space. We are, therefore, thrilled to add’s remarkable debut further confirms our confidence was well placed and capitalizes on product momentum and the strength of the team.”.

Actant offers its complete line of professional trading, automation, and risk management products, widely used by major players across listed international options exchanges, to all participants and is doubly excited to collaborate with their very talented team.

Daniel Yan, COO of shared that “Currently the daily trading volume of bitcoin option is 200mm usd – that’s only 1/50 of the 10bn futures market. With the pace of adoption we have seen across miners, hedge funds, structures product providers over the past year, we believe the size of the crypto option market will grow 50-100x in the next 3-5 years – through this period a lot more traditional finance shops will partake. Having Actant as our software partner definitely make the adoption much smoother and more accessible. We are excited about this collaboration.”

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