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Analysts' Insights

These crypto tokens are killing it

  1. Radix Protocol rallied +64% last 1w as Radix raised $10m in funding ahead of the launch of its Babylon mainnet scheduled for July 31st which will introduce smart contract functionality on the network. Led by DWF Labs, the funding round brings Radix to a valuation of $400m. The blockchain currently has 50 projects building on it in preparation for the upgrade.
  2. Injective rallied +46% last 1w following the network’s announcement of the release of Cascade, a Solana Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) rollup for the inter-Blockchain Communication ecosystem on Cosmos. The SVM integration into the wide Cosmos ecosystem will enable greater interoperability.
  3. Baby Dogecoin rallied +41% last 1w as the project announced its listing on a “top 5” centralized exchange this week, although they have yet to specify which one. The memecoin has also been gaining in TVL, surpassing the $75m mark, and is currently ranked 11th in TVL on the BNB Chain.
  4. Arbitrum rallied +29% last 1w despite the controversy around the AIP-1.05 proposal which was introduced following Arbitrum Foundation’s transfer of funds without community approval. The proposal calling for the Foundation to return 700m ARB to Arbitrum’s DAO treasury was rejected by 118m votes (84% of total votes).
  5. Rocket Pool rallied +24% last 1w as investors position themselves ahead of Rocket Pool’s highly anticipated Atlas upgrade set for April 17. The upgrade will support withdrawals of staked ETH from the Rocket Pool platform, as well as enable validators to create and convert to 8 ETH mini pools.
  6. OKB rallied +20% last 1w which can be attributed to OKX’s announcement of support for the SUI token sale. allocation lottery on April 23.
  7. Solana rallied +20% last 1w following the highly-anticipated mobile launch event on April 13, where Solana released Saga, an Android smartphone powered by the Solana blockchain. The smartphone allows users to mint NFTs, manage crypto assets, and run applications through the Solana Dapp store.
  8. Internet Computer rallied +18% last 1w as AirGap, a security-centric self-custody crypto wallet, announced their integration with Internet Computer.
  9. Avalanche rallied +14% last 1w as the network saw a surge in daily active addresses, reaching a 6-month high last week. The rise in activity coincides with Avalanche’s partnerships with TradFi institutions.
  10. Near protocol rallied +10% last 1w as the Near Foundation revealed plans to allocate funds from its treasury to internal DAOs including Marketing DAO, Developer Governance DAO, Creatives DAO and the Near Digital Collective, in a shift for more decentralization.

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