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Analysts' Insights

Analysts' Insights

Ethereum is on the Verge of Explosive Break-Out

1) Monthly revenue has bottomed since the weak $52m in September 2022. While May 2023 saw revenues increase to $379m, June was somewhat disappointing at $126m.

2) Nevertheless, something is up, and our trading models are predicting that an explosive breakout is imminent.

3) These models are time-tested and have a 79% to 90% T-Stat. Hence the probability and their success rate has been quite remarkable. The risk/reward is quite favorable here. Stop loss could be set at 100 points, and we could see 400-500 points of upside.

4) July is also a strong month with average returns of +22%. The last six years saw returns of +0.6%, +70%, +11%, +53%, -29%, and +5% for July. A bit all over the place, but with 5 out of 6 being up, the July stats are looking good too.

5) Our MP Greed & Fear index for Ethereum trades at 79%. During the mid-June 2023 lows, we got a buy signal (<10%) when Ethereum traded at 1,700. Now at 1,920, prices have rallied, but we think the chance for an explosive move higher has arrived.

6) Bitcoin’s MP Greed & Fear index trades at 88% and has been overbought for over a week, so prices have predictably stalled.

7) Ethereum could catch up with Bitcoin.

8) We do not have a fundamental reason why we could break higher here. Revenues have been disappointing, and there needs to be more progress on upgrades. Ethereum has been a laggard. NFTs have become a sideshow.

9) This technical trading signal is based on our models with attractive risk/reward stats.

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