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Analysts' Insights

Analysts' Insights

Our Crypto Portfolio Skyrockets by a Whopping +63% in Just Three Months.

1) On March 30 2023, we unveiled our crypto portfolio with our report ‘How to Achieve +112% Upside Potential”.

2) Bitcoin prices had just rallied to $28,521 and many had missed our earlier calls that Bitcoin prices could experience an explosive rally in 2023. For example, October 28 2022 ‘Bitcoin might rally to 63,160 by March 2024’, or December 2 2022 ‘With a macro tailwind, Bitcoin might be at 29k in 2023’, or on February 3 2023 ‘January Effect – Bitcoin to $45k by December’.

3) As we received many questions in March ‘what to buy now’ we published our crypto portfolio, suggesting ‘Investors should buy now what is cheap and forgotten – relative to the strong rally that we have seen with Bitcoin’.

4) We are often surprised how well our investment and trading approach works for crypto and our crypto portfolio is simply another example. Since our March report, Bitcoin prices have rallied by +9%, a respectable quarterly return. But investors always appear to demand more.

5) We ran various quant and regression analyses and came up with a crypto-focused, 10-asset portfolio (equal weight) that was diversified and ranked members based on the return potential relative to the price of Bitcoin.

6) This portfolio was highly correlated with the price of Bitcoin but had suffered from a lack of investor interest as Bitcoin prices had rallied aggressively in Q1 2023.

7) Hence, there were many overlooked investment opportunities.

This portfolio, which anybody could have bought, is now up +63% in three months, with 9 out of 10 assets showing positive returns and three even being up more than >+100%.

8) Microstrategy’s market cap is 100% based on Bitcoin and our model suggested +41% upside but now it indicates that the shares are reasonably priced (only 2% upside to be exact) after the stock rallied by +58% in three months.

9) Similarly, the undervaluation of Grayscale’s GBTC has now primarily closed to just 16% upside.

10) What might still be attractive opportunities are Galaxy Digital with a potential +109% upside and Coinbase with +59% upside.

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