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Analysts' Insights

Analysts' Insights

Prepare for the Soaring 2024 Year-End Bitcoin Target of $125,000

1) Based on proven and reliable data analysis, 'Matrix on Target' has presented a different view than many market participants who believed that the Bitcoin bear market would persist throughout the year.

2) On June 22, 2023, Bitcoin reached a new one-year high, marking the first time in a year. Historically, this signal has indicated the end of bear markets and the beginning of new crypto bull markets.

3) This signal has been triggered four times and in all four cases, the bull market fully unfolded within 12-18 months.

4) If history is any guide, then there is now a 100% probability that by the end of 2024, Bitcoin will experience another massive bull market with a price target of $125,000 (+310%) - based on the previous three signals.

5) Our projections, published on February 3, 2023, showed that by July 12, 2023, Bitcoin would be trading at $31,799. Bitcoin is trading at $30,830, just 2% away from our projected level.

6) History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.

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