BIT Blog launches BTC Options and Integrates with Paradigm launches BTC Options and Integrates with Paradigm

We are pleased to announce the addition of BTC options to our product offering on August 17 and the completion of integration with Paradigm, the world’s leading OTC communication and block-trading solution on the same day.

You can view the contract specification of BTC options as follows:

Fee schedule for Options:

VIP-tiered fee schedule:

To apply for VIP-tiered fee program, please contact

As part of partnership, we are jointly offering the following benefits to traders:

1. Zero Block Trade Fee: NO Paradigm Fee for block trades on

2. Multi-leg Structure Discount: users will enjoy 50% fee discount on the lower single-sided aggregated notional – up to 25% discount for the whole structure.

3. Week-1 Zero Exchange Fees for first 100BTC Block Trade (valid from 17-23 August): on the first 100BTC of block trades during the first week of option product launch, exchange fee will be waived. Yes, you are right, it is absolutely FREE!


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