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BIT Launches World Cup Wizard 2022 Campaign With $1 Million Prize Pool

BIT Launches World Cup Wizard 2022 Campaign With $1 Million Prize Pool

Key takeaways:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange BIT introduces its Qatar 2022 World Cup-themed campaign ahead of the world's most anticipated sporting event
  • The campaign launches with a whopping prize pool of $1 million, which will be distributed among eligible participants

The highly-anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. With the attention of sports fans around the world focused on the coveted football competition, it appears that the crypto space is also buzzing along with preparations surrounding the big event. Ahead of the 2022 World Cup event, a number of cryptocurrency platforms are hastily putting together new initiatives to enable crypto users to have their share of the fun.

Building off the hype surrounding the World Cup, the popular derivatives-oriented cryptocurrency exchange, BIT, announced it will be launching its World Cup-themed campaign dubbed World Cup Wizard Event, which will see its users win rich prizes by predicting the winning teams.

The BIT's wizard event has been scheduled to run from November 20, 2022, till December 19, 2022.

BIT's World Cup Wizard event

BIT is introducing a World cup Campaign event which will see users predicting the winners of the 2022 World Cup earn a share of a massive $1 million prize pool. The winning rewards will be available to users in the form of RadBits, and credits on the BIT platform.

To participate in BIT's World Cup campaign event, users will place bets with the RadBit they have acquired. This will lead to a display of all the available betting matches on the product’s homepage. Users should note that their choices cannot be reverted once the order is placed. Meanwhile, users can simultaneously bet on win, draw, and loss, depending on their predictions.

Following the result of the match, participants who predicted the results of the match correctly will receive their Rad-Bit rewards credited directly to their RadBits account.

Per the announcement, the campaign will be featuring three kinds of bets which includes Match results, Over-Under, and Handicap. Participation in the exclusive campaign will be open to registered users who had previously deposited, traded, and bought coins on the BIT platform. Eligible participants will have the opportunity to win their share of a whopping $1 million prize pool.

BIT's World Cup Wizard

How to win a share of the $1 million prize pool

Following the BIT World Cup Wizard 2022 campaign, users who participate in the event and are able to guess the winning team correctly will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Users who fulfill the requirement of registering, trading, depositing, and buying coins on the platform daily will earn points in the form of BIT's credit which is dubbed "RadBits". These RadBits can be exchanged for different tokens and rewards which represent a share of the prize pool.

According to BIT, the opportunity to earn these RadBits will be open for the duration of the World Cup promotion. In addition, there are extra ways for users to get their hands on Rad-Bits. Notably, newly registered users from November 1 to November 20, 2022, will be offered 100 RadBits each. Meanwhile, users who register from November 20 to December 19, 2022, will get 500 RadBits each.

Furthermore, participants, especially the newly registered users, are encouraged to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process on BIT to earn up to 1000 RadBits which can be exchanged for tokens or other rewards. In addition, more than 100 USD deposits on the BIT chain will yield participants a daily prize of 500 RadBits. Meanwhile, there is a chance to earn up to 1000 RadBits when users buy more than 100 USD of cryptocurrency with fiat. The 1000 RadBits offer is also available to users who can trade more than 1000 USD each day.

Also, users can exclusively earn RadBits by participating in the upcoming World Cup Wizard event which requires them to compete to guess the results of the World Cup matches and get RadBits. Participants who make extra efforts to share BIT product posters to their social accounts will get 100 RadBits upon each sharing activity.

Per the announcement, acquired RadBits will give users access to participate in the World Cup promotion. Also, they can be used to Redeem coupons or tokens in other promotions available on the BIT platform.

Users should note that if there is no user activity like trading, on-chain deposits, buying coins, subscribing savings, KYC, participating in World Cup Wizard activities, and the like, during the promotion, BIT will burn the RadBits received during registration.

BIT further unveiled that the World Cup Wizard event page will be open for users to convert their RadBits to their desired rewards at specified periods.

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