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BIT’s World Cup Campaign Goes From Strength To Strength, Bringing 5 times growth

BIT’s World Cup Campaign Goes From Strength To Strength, Bringing 5 times growth

Nobody saw Tunisia beating France. No one expected Morocco to thump Belgium. Saudi Arabia were simply not meant to overcome Argentina.

This World Cup has been one for the underdogs – every team, no matter how underrated, has a chance to win one of the greatest prizes on earth.

BIT’s $1 million prize pool, which we launched last month, is similarly open to all and ready to be taken!

Registration is still open (it closes on 19 December) and to sign up, all you need to do is register and trade on BIT’s exchange. This will enable you to collect Rad-Bit points through predicting the results of upcoming games.

The more you get right, the more points you’ll receive.

We’ve been thrilled at the response so far. Daily downloads of the BIT app have seen a 5-times increase, while active users on the exchange increased threefold within just days of the prize pool being announced.

As of this week, we have finished the first round of airdrop redemptions and users who won RadBit points through correct predictions have exchanged them with CHZ tokens.

Stemming from BIT’s sizable investment in OneFootball, one of the biggest sports news apps on the globe, we are seeing a large upswing in the number of sports fans joining the exchange. The crypto market has disappointed recently, just like the global economy, but fans are enjoying the World Cup and they want to trade crypto all the same.

The group stage may now be coming to an end, but that means that things are only just starting to get serious. Brazil are the favourites and England and France look good too, but perhaps you’re backing someone else to lift the trophy?

If you haven’t got involved yet, then it’s not too late to start – you can read all about BIT’s World Cup Wizard Prize pool here and on our social media channels.

We look forward to welcoming you to the exchange, and good luck!

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