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Deep Dive into WEMIX

Deep Dive into WEMIX

What Is WEMIX?

WEMIX is the native coin of the WEMIX mega-ecosystem, used as a medium of exchange and payment method for gas fees. One WEMIX coin is minted per each subsequent block created, and PMR (Permanent Minting Reward) is distributed respectively to NCP (40%), stakers (10%), ecosystem fund (25%) and maintenance (25%).

The WEMIX platform offers a new gaming experience that integrates blockchain technology, tokenomics, and real-world economics. It empowers gamers by enabling them to earn real value from their in-game activities and convert their in-game assets into real-world assets, creating a new digital economy.

Founders of Wemix

WEMIX was founded in 2018 by WEMADE TREE(now Wemix PTE. LTD.), a subsidiary company of WEMADE, and began the journey with a solid vision to create a blockchain gaming platform servicing various games, connecting the in-game and the real world economy via tokenomics.

In August of 2021, WEMADE launched the flagship title, MIR4, on the WEMIX platform, triggering an unprecedented paradigm shift in the gaming industry. MIR4 has achieved unequaled success only four months into launch with more than 1.4M concurrent users and 20M cumulative registered users from more than 170 countries worldwide.

WEMIX has spearheaded the P2E market ever since. On October 20th 2022, WEMADE released WEMIX3.0, its own independent blockchain network, to further enhance the mega-ecosystem and establish WEMIX Coin as a key currency in the blockchain industry.


WEMIX 3.0 is a groundbreaking move towards establishing WEMIX's independence as a blockchain network. The platform's new blockchain network will be used to support various blockchain-based games and services, enabling faster, more secure, and more efficient transactions for users.

WEMIX's success with MIR4 is a testament to its vision and ambition to be a leader in the blockchain gaming industry. With the launch of WEMIX 3.0, the platform is poised to revolutionize the way gamers interact with the gaming industry and unlock new opportunities for players worldwide.

WEMIX’s Ecosystem

The WEMIX mega-ecosystem comprises distinct platforms and components, which operate independently while also contributing significantly to the ecosystem's overall growth and expansion.

These components include WEMIX Play, the world's fastest and largest play-and-earn gaming platform that integrates the payment process in the gameplay cycle.

The ecosystem also features NILE, a next-generation decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)-powered community platform that uses the Neith Protocol to manage project facilitation and creation.

Moreover, WEMIX.Fi is the official DeFi platform, providing users with reliable and transparent financial services such as swap, staking, pool, borrow, and bridge, among others.

Additionally, WEMIX$ is the official stablecoin protocol that guarantees the growth of the WEMIX ecosystem. The non-custodial WEMIX Wallet provides users with experience-centric services to manage their crypto-assets with full access to their private keys. The WEMIX Explorer comprises two components - the Macroscope and Microscope, with the former being the collection of data that impacts the ecosystem's growth and the latter analyzing transactions, block validations, and records of the WEMIX blockchain network. Another component, Papyrus, is a token-based communication tool that connects people based on their common interests.

Furthermore, 40 WONDERS or Node Council Partners (NCP) represents the WEMIX community's interests, constituting technology and ecosystem sponsors who govern and secure the WEMIX network.


NILE is a life platform of DAO and NFT based on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet, and NILE has launched the world's first trustless NFTFi (non-fungible token decentralized finance) solution that removes the need for valuation appraisal.
NILE identifies NFTs as having three main values: utility value (if owning the NFT enhances one's life), appreciating value (when asset values grow over time), and premium value (when other intangible factors, such as reputation, add value beyond utility or worth). The Neith NFT, which is based on the appreciating value of the asset, Neith Covenant, incorporates utility and premium value, allowing the community to utilize the stability of NFTs in DeFi. The Neith Covenant is designed to guarantee the appreciating value of assets, and this can be expanded to other assets. The revenue derived from Neith NFT sales will be used for investments to further expand the WEMIX ecosystem.

WEMIX Statistics Data

WEMIX Current Price: $1.46

WEMIX Market Cap: $359,349,424

WEMIX Circulating Supply: 245,663,057

WEMIX Total Supply: 960,545,259

WEMIX Market Ranking: #217

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