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Getting cryptocurrency just became even easier and safer at BIT

Getting cryptocurrency just became even easier and safer at BIT

The latest updates at BIT just made buying cryptocurrency a lot more convenient

At BIT, we believe in empowering you, our users, with our easy interface and a wealth of knowledge, so that you can feel more secure investing in crypto. As part of this commitment, we’ve made some significant upgrades to our app, website, and API. Let’s see how these can benefit you.

BIT launches Convert – Swap your cryptos, lightning fast

BIT has just made crypto spot trading even faster and easier. Zero transaction fees. No price slippage. With Convert, what you see is what you get. Its RFQ (request-for-quote) quoting method automatically selects the best price for you. We’ll lock in the price for you until your transaction is complete, so that you wouldn’t end up paying more than what you expect at the time of sale.

All you need to do on Convert is to pick the coin and amount you would like to sell, pick the coin you would like to receive, receive an instant quote (refreshed every five seconds, the system automatically selects the best price for you), and click “buy”.

Voila. It’s that simple. No complicated terms, and no confusing interface. The cryptocurrency that you have put up for sale has now been converted to another cryptocurrency in your wallet – all within seconds. Now, Convert also fully supports Unified Margin mode. Try it now

More credit card payment options introduced on BIT via Banxa

That’s right, now you can purchase crypto using Visa/Mastercard via the Banxa channel in our BIT app. What’s more, every user also gets to be rewarded with up to 30 USDT for their transactions. Read more here

BIT app now in 13 languages

We’ve made even more improvements to the BIT app. You can now navigate the crypto world in 13 languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Bahasa Indonesia. Log in to our app today

See your balance in 22 different fiat currencies

To make things even clearer for your everyday use, your wallet’s balance can now be displayed in 22 different fiat currencies, including HKD, SDG, USD, GBP etc. Start trading now

All USDT Perps delisted and replaced with USD Perps

To serve our customers better, we have delisted all USDT Perps and replaced them with USD Perps in October. USDT takes a 0.1% haircut ratio when used as collateral to trade USD perps. And interest for borrowing USD with USDT has been waived. Read more here

BIT’s Portfolio Margin (PM) delivers greater flexibility and risk management

BIT’s Portfolio Margin (PM), exclusive to the exchange, allows our users to manage portfolio risk and trade a range of different crypto assets with unparalleled flexibility. Our in-house model calculates a metric called the ‘portfolio margin requirement' via a core risk analysis of each user’s portfolio, providing them with effective risk coverage (particularly against fluctuations in the economic cycle) whilst preserving capital efficiency.

The PM has been recently upgraded to include USD-M perpetuals and options under the USD margin account. More details here

Learn how BIT keeps its users safe

Security comes first at – protecting our users is paramount and we never take chances. Read about our robust three-pronged approach to security, combining system risk management, high-level user protections, and best-in-class custody. Understand our security measures

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