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Guarding Against Uncertainty with USD-Margined Crypto Options

Guarding Against Uncertainty with USD-Margined Crypto Options

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, it is essential to understand the various tools and strategies that can help manage risk in your digital asset portfolio. One such tool that is gaining popularity among investors and traders is USD-margined crypto options.

BIT, in partnership with HedgeWeek, recently hosted a highly informative webinar on USD-margined crypto options and their role in managing risk in digital asset strategies.

Justin Buitendam, Global Head of Institutional Sales at BIT, together with prominent industry experts, including Paul Braverman, Quantitative Analyst at Darley Technologies, Simon Nursey, Head of Options & Derivatives at QCP Capital, and Takatoshi Shibayama, Head of Sales APAC at, explored the topic in depth.

The following topics were covered in the webinar:

  • Reasons behind the creation of an options market for crypto
  • Contribution of events of the past year to the need for managers to use crypto options
  • Benefits of trading in USD-margined options, including better risk management and the ability to hedge against uncertainty
  • How crypto options work and the safety of the underlying asset
  • Differences between crypto options and 'tradfi' equivalents
  • Real-life example of an options trading experience to illustrate potential returns in current testing times
  • Insights and predictions on the future of the crypto options market

Justin and the other speakers had an insightful discussion. We hope that by the time you finish viewing this webinar, you will gain insights and knowledge from these industry experts on how trading in USD-margined crypto options can be a game-changer for a successful digital assets strategy.

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