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How to get free crypto and Bitcoin? It’s easy on

How to get free crypto and Bitcoin? It’s easy on

Looking for a quick way to earn some crypto and Bitcoins (BTC)? Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned expert, everyone likes free money. And at, there are so many ways to earn crypto and BTC that we’ve decided to come up with a guide to help you maximize your freebies on our app.

Let’s start here

Simply download the app, complete the identity verification with your details and wallet, and get ready to get rewarded!

1. Make a deposit's Insane Blind Box: 100% Guaranteed Rewards!
Ongoing campaign insane blind box

Everyone wins! It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no catch here. We’re giving away up to 1 ETH, altcoin airdrops, coupons, Apple & Amazon gift cards, Netflix & YouTube subscriptions, and many other exciting gifts sponsored by the platform!

How: Make a first monthly deposit of 200 USDT and get to open the blind box once. More details here

2. Start trading

USDT Savings: Get 80% APY Only On 80% APY Savings for new user

In the multiverse, things never stay the same for long. They tend to get bigger, better and larger than life. That’s right folks, we want to reward our new users, so we’ve bumped up our 30% APY on Savings to a MASSIVE 80% APY! And guess what, with this exclusive USDT product, in just 8 days, you’ll see your money grow.

How: For new users only. Complete at least 1 U-margined futures trade for the first time, and you’ll be eligible for our 80% APY product. More details here

TON Savings: 200% APY

Limited time and TON users only

200% APY TON Coin now supports deposit and withdrawal for TON native token TON on its native blockchain. For a limited time only, we have also launched a 200% high APY savings product for TON users.

How:  More details here

USDT Trade Futures Challenge: 10,000 USDT for Grabs!

Monthly campaign

USDT Trade Futures Challenge: 10,000 USDT for Grabs!

This July, sign up for the Trade Futures Challenge and trade any USDT-margined futures in any amount to share the $10,000 prize pool.

How: Sign up for the challenge here, and trade any USDT-margined futures in any amount on our app in June. The more days you trade, the more chances you get of winning.

Trade Spot Pairs: Win up to $3000 USDT rewards

Monthly campaign, limited spaces

trade spot collect rewards up to $3000

Trade spot pairs on and win! The more you trade, the more rewards you’re entitled to! Daily rewards per person go up to $100 USDT, up to $3000 USDT per month!

How: Register here. Then simply start trading spot pairs on’s app, the higher your trading volume and account balance, the more you will be rewarded. Daily Trading Volume > $200; Acc Balance > $100. View details here

3. Invite your friends

Invite your buddies and get a chance to share from a $10,000 prize pool

Monthly campaign

bring a buddy share $10,000 prize pool "Bring A Buddy Challenge" wants to reward you for inviting your friends to use our app. Stand to share from a prize pool of up to $10,000 USDT.

How: Invite one friend and both of you can get up to 25 USDT each. If you invite more friends, you can also earn up to 50 USDT. The more friends you bring, the more you earn! See details here

4. Check in daily

Daily Check in to get Free Bitcoin

Free BTC when you check in daily on’s app

Just checking in to the app daily entitles you to a chance to win free Bitcoin, up to 10,350 Satoshi every week. Log in now

5. Follow us

Follow our Twitter and watch out for exciting drops and giveaways

Our Twitter followers are usually the first ones to know when we introduce more ways to make free crypto and BTC. In May, we ran a #FreeCrypto campaign on Twitter and 5 lucky winners walked away with 20 USDT each. Follow us and not miss the latest news and campaigns.

With so many ways to see your crypto wallet grow, there’s very little reason not to start trading on’s app. Download today and Switch on Your Future!

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