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Navigating the Crypto Options Market | Webinar Series

Navigating the Crypto Options Market | Webinar Series

The crypto options market has always been an intriguing one. On the one hand, there are fervent advocates, but mostly, people are not just skeptical but also apprehensive about trying their hand at it, preferring instead to trade spot or futures.

At BIT, our goal is to break existing conventions, debunk misconceptions, and change perceptions. We partnered with our friends at The Block to bring you an intrinsically enlightening webinar titled: Navigating the Crypto Options Market, presented by The Block Research's George Calle.

BIT's Head of Global Institutional Sales, Justin Buitendam, together with fellow panelists Patrick Chu, Head of Coverage, APAC at Paradigm, Will Reid, Head of Options at Wintermute, and Markus Thielen, Head of Research, Matrixport, discuss the state of the crypto options market.

The panelists focused on the following topics:

  1. Maturity of the crypto options market
  2. The landscape of centralized and decentralized venues and relevant structured products
  3. How traders can use options and other tools in times of extreme market volatility
  4. Successful prior trading strategies leveraging options

Justin and the other panelists had an engaging and stimulating discussion. We hope that by the time you finish viewing this webinar, you will have a fresh outlook on cryptocurrency options trading.

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