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Sweet dreams are made of $MEME

Sweet dreams are made of $MEME

On the fringes of the internet, where memes reign supreme and communities trade inside jokes, a new world was created: Memeland. Born from the legacy of 9GAG, a memepool in the realm of internet humor, Memeland is an adventure into the unexplored waters of Web 3.0. Or as they describe it themselves, a journey into the ‘Broken Seas’ where the ‘Potatoz’ and ‘Captainz’ roam. 

At its core lies $MEME, a digital currency that fuels this new world, brimming with creativity, collaboration, and of course, dark humor.

From the creators of 9GAG

For over a decade, 9GAG has been a cornerstone of internet culture, captivating audiences with its infectious humor and viral content. Guided by the vision of founder Ray Chan, 9GAG laid the groundwork for Memeland, drawing upon years of experience in dominating the Web2 space.

Memeland is a world-in-the-making.The 9GAG team is building and investing in social products for community, with community, connecting creators and communities together through creativity, MEME, and NFTs.The full picture of what they’re building is yet to reveal itself. But they have already launched 3 collections of highly successful NFTs that provide a collaborative stake to all holders.

The Potatoz:

From the depths of internet culture emerges The Potatoz—a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs in Memeland. Inspired by memes and pop culture, each Potatoz NFT boasts rarity-powered traits that set them apart from the crowd. As companions to The Captainz, Potatoz holders enjoy a vibrant community and unique staking mechanisms, earning MEME rewards and access to exclusive events along the way.

In case you’re wondering, a long time ago there was a running internet joke where after a long blog post, the author would end with “Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato.”

The Captainz:

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with The Captainz—a collection of 9,999 pieces featuring pirate captains and their intrepid crews. From the high seas to distant shores, each Captainz NFT transports collectors to a world of daring escapades and hidden treasures. With customizable traits for the avatars and governance rights within the Memeland DAO, The Captainz offer a truly immersive experience for enthusiasts.

Each Captainz can unlock $MEME, Memeland’s native currency. Each Captainz can earn a certain amount of $MEME every day through passively holding and staking, or by actively playing.

You The Real MVP

Celebrate the champions of internet culture with MVP—a collection of 420 mythical gold trophies bearing the inscription "In i dór -o i greatest memes lies i greatest mír." As the earliest and most prestigious collection in Memeland, MVP offers collectors access to a network of like-minded individuals and exclusive project information. With boosted utility for Memeland NFTs and preferential allowlist spots, MVP holders stand at the forefront of digital innovation.

Land ahoy: Welcome to Stakeland

As Memeland continues to evolve, a new frontier has emerged in the form of Stakeland. Conceived as a social staking protocol, Stakeland offers users the chance to earn rewards by staking $MEME and other tokens. Through Stakeland, participants not only contribute to the growth of Memeland but also engage with emerging projects, creating a dynamic community spirit.

The first major airdrop collaboration for MEME stakers in Stakeland happened during the BTC halving, with the RSIC airdrop.

Rune Specific Inscription Circuit, or RSIC, is a metaprotocol that combines Bitcoin Ordinals with yield farming. The team behind the metaprotocol has created 21,000 Bitcoin “NFTs” called RSICs using the Ordinals protocol.

$MEME stakers were rewarded with RSIC tokens on the Rune protocol. This bold move underscores Memeland's commitment to bridging the gap between disparate blockchain networks, paving the way for new avenues of exploration.

Where to next?

Memeland represents a beacon of hope - a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives. Guided by Chan's vision, Memeland seeks to help creators and users alike, creating a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.

As Memeland charts its course across the Broken Seas, the horizon lures the Potatoz and Captainz with  promise and possibility. The project is already one of the most successful ones in the NFT and metaverse sector, and with each new creative addition to the Memeland universe, the active user base grows and so too does the utility of the MEME token.

With a strong legacy rooted in Web2, 9GAG may be one of the first brands to successfully make the transition to Web3 in an authentic way, and bring its millions of users along for the ride.Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato. 🥔​

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