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DWF Weekly: Crypto Snapshot

DWF Weekly: Crypto Snapshot
Brought to you by DWF Labs, the global digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm.

Institutions Are Placing Their Bets On Bitcoin With Continued Inflows

Data from crypto analytics firm CoinShares showed that the amount of Bitcoin held by digital asset managers has been rising since news broke of the recent US banking failures in mid-March. The asset saw an inflow of US$8.8 million this week, and fund holdings of Bitcoin was up by 4.54%. Rising demand from investors of Bitcoin trust and exchange-traded products have contributed to its increased price value, and the SEC’s lack of concern with the cryptocurrency could make it a top digital commodity to hold in the next bull cycle.

Traditional Financial Institutions Warm Up To The Idea Of Tokenized Assets

Cutting out the middlemen, expanding customer bases, and improving transaction efficiency; these are some of the key reasons why traditional financial institutions are becoming more receptive to the idea of tokenizing and trading real-world assets. The idea of asset tokenization places ownership of assets like stocks and bonds onto the blockchain, and the ideal is not foreign to banks and institutions. The ease of trading them around the clock along with near-instantaneous settlements, plus being able to cut across the paperwork and red tape, are attractive reasons for these institutions to consider adopting tokenized assets.

Bitcoin Trend Déjà Vu May See Its Price Rally To $50,000

Chart comparisons of Bitcoin’s price movement with its chart fractals from 2015 shows that the cryptocurrency’s value is going through the same trend. Bitcoin previously consolidated within the $200 to $300 range in that year with a rally to $700 shortly after. Since the pattern is identical to its recent consolidation between the $18,500 to $25,000 range in 2022, market analysts expect the pattern to repeat with Bitcoin’s price doubling to $50,000.

New Bitcoin Inscription Standard Drives Surge In Demand For Bitcoin Ordinals

The inscription of Bticoin Ordinals, often called Bitcoin NFTs, have hit a new record as it reached a total of over 58,000, which is more than its previous all-time high of more than 31,600 in March. This is largely due to the creation of the Bitcoin BRC-20 token standard on the Ordinals protocol which allows Ordinal inscriptions to behave similarly to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard.

Celo Blockchain Establishes Partnership With Google Cloud To Support Celo-Based Startups

The DWF Labs-backed Celo blockchain has partnered with Google Cloud to drive the development of mobile decentralized applications (dApps) for Web3 startups on the network. The cloud computing service aims to provide mentorship guidance to the budding Celo-based projects, and both parties are looking to kickstart workshops and events that align with Celo’s carbon-negative sustainability focus. The Celo Foundation will also tap into Google Cloud’s credit availability and Firebase usage for Web3 startups as well.

TON Validators Receive Improved Security With Novel Smart Contract Integration

The Open Network (TON) has integrated single nominator smart contracts into the network for its validators to secure their stakes. Introduced by public blockchain infrastructure Orbs, the smart contract guards against hacking attempts by keeping the validator node’s hot wallet separate from its staking funds. The smart contract allows owners to alter the validator address if the wallet is compromised, and it provides the ability to recover its staked funds if an accident or emergency occurs.

DWF Labs Latest Investment Creates A Sensational Sensorium

As part of its move to develop the metaverse, DWF Labs has invested US$2.5 million into the artificial intelligence-driven metaverse, Sensorium. Sensorium Galaxy, the brains behind the development of the virtual ecosystem, is developing the metaverse into a platform where anyone can release their own virtual world and seamlessly integrate it into the network. Such examples include AI integrations plus VR mode for blockchain games, and the investment will help the team with their efforts to develop a decentralized platform for content creators while elevating the future of entertainment.

DWF Labs Drives GameFi Development With Smart Finance Partnership

To boost the development of the GameFi niche, DWF Labs has entered into a partnership with Smart Finance. The GameFi protocol aims to provide gamified benefits to players by allowing them to mine benefits from their GameFi and NFT Finance vaults through token and NFT staking. Smart Finance plans to utilize the funding from the partnership to improve on the vault algorithms and improve their outreach to the blockchain gaming community.

DWF Labs Forms Partnership With Content Rewards Network Adappter

DWF Labs has entered a partnership with Adappter, a content activity platform that rewards users for their participation and contribution to the decentralized platform. Building upon the values of fairness and trust, the team behind the novel platform is focused on building systems that provide efficient distribution and transaction management. The latest funding from the partnership will be used to expand Adappter’s native ecosystem via big data and artificial intelligence.

DWF Labs Expands DeFi Gamification With RoseonX Partnership

DWF Labs recently established a successful partnership with Roseon Exchange through the acquisition of US$2.5 million worth of ROSX tokens. Also known as RoseonX, the platform is a gamified decentralized derivatives trading platform that drives crypto adoption through improved user experience and gamification. The investment made will be used to expand RoseonX’s offerings such as increasing the range of financial products that bridge centralized and decentralized finance.

DWF Labs Supports Alchemy Pay’s Push Into South Korea With An Investment Of US$10 Million

DWF Labs recently partnered with Alchemy Pay to support its move into the South Korean market and further its expansion into the crypto payments sector. The company provides crypto companies with the means to access fiat payment, and it is setting its sights on South Korea's crypto-friendly environment to make its international debut by utilizing the investment from DWF Labs while tapping on the company’s network in the East Asian country.

DWF Labs Achieves Successful Investment Round With Web3 Gaming Platform RACA

DWF Labs recently concluded a successful investment round with Web3 gaming platform RACA to spur its efforts of creating an expansive decentralized gaming ecosystem. The RACA system currently allows participants and players to explore virtual worlds and play Web3 games, along with buying and selling non-fungible tokens in its NFT marketplace. The investment will be used to expand RACA’s outreach and growth further while helping the team expand its Web3 gaming compilation platform.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as financial advice. It is essential to conduct research before making any investment decisions.

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