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DWF Weekly: Crypto Snapshot

DWF Weekly: Crypto Snapshot
Brought to you by DWF Labs, the global digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm.

ZK Rollups And Arbitrum Dominates The Ethereum Landscape Post-Shapella

As the popularity of the Ethereum network grows post-Shapella, more users are flocking to Layer-2 networks that provide lower fees and higher scalability. Of the few options in the current market, Arbitrum One dominates the landscape with a 66% share in Layer-2 scaling solutions, which is in part thanks to the recent airdrop of its ARB tokens. Zero-knowledge (ZK) based solutions are also seeing a marked increase in market share with zkSync Era hitting TVL of US$240 million.

USDT Liquidity Is Still King Even As TUSD Plays Catch-Up On Major Exchange

Following the saga around Paxos and the issuance of the BUSD stablecoin, Binance has turned its support towards TUSD as the de facto stablecoin on its exchange by introducing zero-fee trading for TUSD pairs. Nevertheless, USDT pairs continue to be popular due to its greater liquidity than the former, and market makers remain more comfortable dealing with USDT when trading on the exchange due to lower slippage and market depth.

Memecoins Are Trendy Again As Tokens See Rising Trading Activity On DEXs

The number of traders on Ethereum decentralized exchanges have recently risen to levels not seen since the start of 2022 when the bear market kicked in. This is in part thanks to the resurgence of memecoins with the launch of new tokens such as Pepecoin, which is based on the Pepe The Frog internet meme, and reflects a move away from Doge-based memecoins such as SHIB and DOGE.The increased trading activity also led to a spike in transaction fees on the network.

Data Charts Indicate Long Term Bitcoin Owners Are Seeing Profit After A Year Of Hodling

Bitcoin hodlers who have held onto the token for almost a year are finally seeing profit according to market charts. The long-term holder spent output profit ratio chart from data firm Glassnode shows that the seven-day average crossed above one for the first time since May last year, and this indicates that any BTC moved or sold are realizing a profit. The indicator also mimics the potential for an upcoming bull run, a trend which has been reflected on the charts in previous years as well.

DWF Labs Pushes For Privacy On Smart Contracts Through Cooperation With ARPA Network

DWF Labs recently established a cooperative understanding with ARPA Network to further develop privacy on smart contracts through the advancement of its novel threshold signature scheme technology. The cooperation will grant ARPA Network additional resources and expertise to expedite the research and development of innovative applications on the  Layer-2 computation network, and allow teams to build solutions such as gaming NFTs and project whitelisting.

Tokoin Gains A Second Wind Through Its Latest Affirmation With DWF Labs

Tokoin, an all-in-one platform for institutions to integrate blockchain technology and its relevant business services, has signed another commitment with DWF Labs affirming support from the latter to boost the development of its blockchain ecosystem and support the onboarding of more web2 companies into web3. Tokoin is also seeking to bring real token utility by allowing its native TOKO tokens to be swapped for utility vouchers while exploring opportunities in East Asia.

Celo Network Enables Oracle Services With Latest Membership In Chainlink’s Program

The Celo network, a platform that seeks to be a global payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies through mobile devices, has signed up for Chainlink’s Scale program which provides blockchain teams with off-chain data to expand their development on the network. The program is part of Chainlink’s efforts to provide more blockchains with external data, and the proposal to register was successfully passed in a Celo community voting round in March.

TON Play Releases Asset Creation Kit And Payment System For Blockchain Games

The Open Network (TON) GameFi launchpad TON Play has launched a new software development kit (SDK) and payment options, both of which improves the overall TON experience for users. The SDK allows users to streamline their asset and marketplace management on the blockchain, while the payments solution lets users receive TON and automate payouts upon request.

More Trading Opportunities Open Up With TON’s Latest DEX

TON Factory, a team of professional developers focused on the development of the TON blockchain, recently launched a public version of the Flex decentralized exchange on the network. Asides being able to access the usual token swap functions, users can also utilize the platform’s bridge to transfer stablecoins like USDT and DAI from other blockchains. They can also swap via routes which link multiple swap paths, and allow users to add to liquidity pools as well.

Paypal Is Set To Enable Crypto Payments For Its Sister Brand Venmo

Payments transfer platform Paypal is seeking to launch crypto payments and transfers to its United States customer base this month through its sister brand, Venmo. Having enabled the payments option earlier for its Paypal audience, the new Venmo feature will also allow US customers to send supported tokens like BTC and ETH to others.

Alchemy Pay Ramps Up Fiat On-Ramps On Neo Blockchain

Alchemy Pay, a payment gateway that aims to connect crypto and fiat currencies for businesses, is working hand in hand with the team behind the Neo blockchain to provide easier fiat on-ramp for their ecosystem. The open-source decentralized blockchain has a range of Web3 services such as decentralized finance and oracles being built on its network, and Alchemy Pay will support the native NEO token with easy fiat swapping.

YGG Philippines Offers Content Creation Courses For Its Web3 Program

The Filipino arm of one of Web3’s biggest gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) recently augmented its course selection on its Web3 Metaversity with a content creation module for users. The course will be taught by seasoned content creator and game streamer, Een Mercado, and it will touch on topics like creating a personal brand, necessary streaming equipment, and recommended software for new creators to get started.

Speed Meets Virtual Experiences With Sei Blockchain’s Partnership With SPACE ID

Sei blockchain, the one-of-a-kind Layer-1 blockchain that is optimized for trading speed and efficiency, has partnered with the Web3 identity protocol SPACE ID to bring their near-instantaneous transaction finality to the virtual experiences offered by the latter. This will boost the user experience for SPACE ID on multiple spaces such as gaming, business, and education, which will be made available to Sei blockchain users.

Symbiosis Adds Arbitrum To Their List Of Available Networks

Cross-chain liquidity aggregator Symbiosis has recently integrated the Layer-2 scaling network Arbitrum to provide cheaper transaction gas fees and faster transaction finality for their community. This makes it easier for their users to transfer assets in and out of Arbitrum without implementing expensive fees. The project has also recently added zkSync into their fold too.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as financial advice. It is essential to conduct research before making any investment decisions.

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