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DWF Weekly: Crypto Snapshot

DWF Weekly: Crypto Snapshot
Brought to you by DWF Labs, the global digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm.

Bitcoin Outperforms Other Assets As A Volatility Hedge

Volatility in the traditional finance sector has flipped the tables for stable assets, with Bitcoin now performing better as a volatility hedge than others. The value of Bitcoin has risen by 20% compared to gold while US Treasury bonds have seen its value dip by 4.3%, and the result is attributed to the recent collapse of significant US banks and the exit of infamous crypto players from the space.

Crypto Markets Is In Its Recovery Phase As Investments Continue To Pour In

Data from market analytics platform CryptoCompare shows that investments in digital assets have increased month-on-month from December 2022 to March this year, and the total asets under management are up 60% from November last year. While Ethereum-based investments increased by 6.25%, Bitcoin-based products continue to take the lead with a 14% increase in investments made.

Web3 Financial Innovation Sees Broader Participation From Individuals, Says Franklin Templeton Report

The lines between investments from individuals and businesses are beginning to blur as Web3 drives new forms of financial innovations, says global investment firm Franklin Templeton. The company recently released a report which outlines broad tech-driven megatrends that are transforming society as a whole. These include the voice of individuals having an impact on a company’s strategy, and consumers gaining more financial autonomy through digital asset platforms

Blasting Into Space, Literally, With Space-Based Bitcoin ZK Proofs

It’s one small step for network transactions, one giant for Bitcoin as Bitcoin non-profit ZeroSync Association and Bitcoin infrastructure firm Blockstream plan to broadcast Bitcoin zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs from space. Bitcoin nodes need to sync with the network’s current data size of 500GB before they can start validating transactions, and the novel Bitcoin ZK-Proofs eliminate the need to do so and reduce the syncing time to mere seconds. By broadcasting the network from space, the teams aim to provide global access to Bitcoin including areas with poor Internet coverage.

Blockchain Infrastructures That Drive Mass Crypto Adoption Are Crucial Areas To Develop, Says DWF Labs Managing Partner

Blockchains and consumer platforms that make crypto easier to access are key areas to develop, says DWF Managing Partner Andrei Grachev in his latest interview with crypto news site CoinDesk. DWF Labs was recently recognized as one of top crypto investors throughout the market downturn of 2022 with constant investments in promising Web3 startups, and Andrei believes that the turbulent market presents an opportunity for avid investors.

DWF Labs Make An Impact On Financial Education With Impact Market Partnership

To drive home the need for universal finance literacy, DWF Labs has partnered with Celo-based impactMarket to empower underbanked communities and emphasize the importance of decentralized finance. DWF Labs will support impactMarket’s finance initiatives such as Learn and Earn and Microcredit programs, and the funding by DWF Labs will go towards developing new products plus services while accelerating the protocol’s growth globally.

Pay For Monthly Subscriptions With Crypto? Now You Can Do So On Telegram

The Open Network announced that Telegram Premium Subscriptions are now available for purchase with TON tokens via Fragment, which is a TON-based platform that issues usernames via a naming service. Users can opt for the 3, 6 or 12-month subscription service and pay with the network tokens. In doing so, the team hopes to expand the use case of TON and speed up its adoption.

The Merger Of AI And Blockchain Becomes A Fetching Idea As DWF Labs Closes US$40 Million Funding With

DWF Labs is pushing the pace of artificial intelligence (AI) development in blockchain networks with its latest funding of US$40 million with AI-focused project The project leverages on machine-learning to create a decentralized open network, and it will utilize the funds to improve and deploy autonomous agents and network infrastructure on its platform. Following the advent of AI platforms such as ChatGPT, the blockchain community has been abuzz about bringing blockchain development further with the technology.

DWF Labs Embarks On A Strategic Partnership With NULS Blockchain

DWF Labs recently entered a partnership with decentralized platform NULS to implement swift blockchain solutions that are accessible even for teams that are not well-versed in blockchain development. The open-source project is highly customizable and modular, which allows other projects to quickly customize their own blockchains. The partnership will increase the liquidity of NULS-based assets and speed up the development of cost-effective blockchain solutions.

Transparency Is Essential In Creating A Conducive Relationship Between VCs And Startups, Says TZ APAC’s Report On Web3 Incubators

Bringing startup founders and investors together in a transparent, open, environment is the key to incubating new programs successfully, says DWF Labs Research Lead Jorinda Hsu in Tezos APAC’s latest report “The Verdict on Web3 Incubators”. The report explores the impact of different Web3 incubators within the APAC region with research-based insights, and delves into the requirements that such growth accelerators set to boost startup growth.

Investing In Promising Projects Is A SIMP-le Affair As DWF Labs Close Its Latest Round With So-Col

DWF Labs completed another round of token purchase worth US$1.5 million with Web3 social platform So-Col, bringing the total funding garnered by the growing project to US$6.25 million. So-Col, which is a StarkWare-powered Layer 2 solution and the focus of the IreneDAO community, plans to use the funds to bring the platform on more Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains.

DWF Labs-Backed Synthetix Sees An Uptick In Fee Revenue Generation

Synthetix, a derivatives liquidity protocol that enables the issuance of synthetic assets on Ethereum, collected US$730,000 in trading fees which was its highest since June last year. The spike in fee generation is due to an incentive program which set aside a weekly allocation of 200,000 Optimism governance tokens to traders on its platform. DWF Labs recently made an investment with Synthetix by purchasing US$15 million worth of Synthetix's native token, with another further purchase of $5 million due in the future.

Next Wave Of TON Ecosystem Adoption Will Come From Emerging Economies, Says DWF Labs Partner

The incoming wave of users that will adopt the The Open Network (TON) ecosystem and its suite of Web3 tools will be from Telegram users in emerging economies like Korea and Turkey, says DWF Labs partner Heng Yu Lee. Yu Lee shared his insights during his recent interview with TON&Co, which is a social platform seeking to bring together leaders and enthusiasts within the TON ecosystem, and he added that stablecoin payments and transfer will be the first needs in these emerging economies which the TON ecosystem can fulfill.

DWF Labs Taps Into Cross-Chain NFT Interoperability With HAVAH

DWF Labs is tapping into the potential of inter-chain non-fungible token (NFT) operability through its latest investment with HAVAH. Branding itself as an inter-chain NFT playground, HAVAH aims to help users with NFTs across different blockchain ecosystems aggregate their assets into a single ecosystem, and they plan to do so with their proprietary interchain NFT transmission protocol (INTP). As part of the partnership, DWF Labs will support the protocol with investments while connecting it with other global blockchain projects.

DWF Labs Achieves Strategic Partnership With Web3 Platform Unizen

DWF Labs has successfully closed a strategic partnership with Web3 platform Unizen to drive their goal of aggregating different networks together in one seamless framework. The platform terms itself as a first-of-its-kind CeDeFi exchange that combines the functionality of centralized and decentralized exchanges to meet the needs of retail and institutional traders. With the partnership, Unizen is one step closer in solving the inefficiencies of current Web3 solutions with its all-in-one toolbox that integrates data and Web3 applications from top blockchains.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as financial advice. It is essential to conduct research before making any investment decisions.

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