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What is a Crypto Trading Bot and How Does It Work?

What is a Crypto Trading Bot and How Does It Work?

Trading cryptocurrencies carries considerable financial risk as statistics show that a typical trader's odds of success in crypto trade are around 10%. Some people have adopted an alternative approach to trading by using artificial intelligence. This article discusses what those software-powered tools are and how they work.

What Is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Crypto trading bots are AI-powered tools that facilitate buying and selling cryptocurrencies on a trader's behalf based on predetermined rules. The program utilizes a variety of algorithms and data to execute trades and generate money without any additional input from the trader. Essentially, the software that performs transactions on a crypto exchange for a trader while they sleep is a trading bot.

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work?

Trading bots pose as a mediator that allows two applications to communicate on a network using an Application Programming Interface (API). The bot needs access to the trader's account via API keys to trade on an exchange, and the trader can revoke such external access as an account owner at will.

The software connects to a trader's chosen exchanges and executes trading methods on their behalf based on the rules they had prescribed. Notably, the three crucial steps of cryptocurrency trading bots' operation are signal generation, risk allocation, and execution.

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work?

Signal Generation

Crypto trading bot performs the human task of forecasting market conditions, identifying patterns, and potential successful transactions using statistical data and technical indicators. In addition, the bots have the artificial intelligence to make accurate decisions based on available data.

Risk Allocation

Risk allocation is the process by which the bot distributes the risk following a detailed set of criteria established by the trader. Usually, it describes how much goes into a trade and for how long.

Execution Phase

The execution phase represents the stage in which the trades go live. It is the stage the software kicks in, and the bot enters and exits various crypto contracts on the exchange via the API key requests.

Why Do People Use a Crypto Trading Bot?

The crypto market is overly volatile, and the technical knowledge to accurately predict chart pattern is overwhelming. With the many tools and trading signals to master, learning to trade independently may translate to a full-time job.

Therefore, people turn to the AI-based trading pattern to mitigate the risk of failure and buy time for themselves for other activities.

Additionally, trading bots have increased memory capacities and high-speed computation rates, leading to greater accuracy than humans. The computer, nearly a thousand times quicker than a person, does real-time computations and simulations error-freely. Some of the top reasons people use bots include the following.

Human Error

Bots are not human; therefore, they are free of inherent human mistakes, such as distractions, emotional trading, and the tendency to act on desire rather than logic. Because they are machines, they effectively fulfill your orders, tactics, and inputs within the set of limitations.

Additionally, the crypto bots available to the Web3 community can do more complex trading tasks, such as scalping, arbitrage, and other market activity, rather than merely obeying particular instructions.

Notably, the existing automated solutions for the crypto market cannot independently fulfill the market's complete range of speculative potential without data.

Multitasking and Cross-platform Trading

Trading bots are a successful solution for traders because of their machine ability to execute several tasks simultaneously. It is unrealistic for a person to work as a market maker and a scalper in two distinct markets while trading different cryptocurrencies on several exchanges. But these pose no deal for trading machines as it is part of their design.

Additionally, bots learn about the markets as it continuously trades,  as long as the circumstances remain favorable for each strategy it receives.

Computational Speed

Seasoned traders and investors use bots in high-frequency trading to gain an edge, and it helps them improve their overall performance.

Trading Strategies

Trading bots make it easy for traders to adopt strategies like scalping, which focuses on making money from a nominal price difference. The trader enters and exits many little transactions to gain significantly via scalping. Trading bots are helpful for this peculiar method since they automate the process.

How To Choose a Crypto Trading Bot

There are many efficient automated trading systems available to crypto traders. Since the software requires access to your account, it is risky to jump on any available one without due diligence. It is best to evaluate the company's reputation within the crypto trading community to ascertain its reliability and trustworthiness.

Secondly, not all trading bots are compatible with every cryptocurrency exchange. In other words, a trader needs to ensure the AI service will work with their chosen platforms before committing to it.

Similarly, another automation strategy that crypto investors can explore is the rebalancing market-making strategy, or RMM. Rebalancing market-making strategy is an innovative tool used to place orders automatically. RMM helps crypto investors rebalance their portfolios automatically to the initial fixed ratio.

RMM features are available on the top crypto exchange platform To explore the full features of RMM on, click here.

Furthermore, a trader must confirm the available trading settings to know how suitable they are for their needs. Trading bots are tools requiring adjustments to be successful, and therefore, an excellent trading bot should have many customizable choices.


Crypto trading bots are software solutions intended to assist investors in profiting from the cryptocurrency market without actively participating. However, it is crucial to understand that they are not a magic technique to get money without hard work. Additionally, using bots does not eliminate the risk of incurring market losses; therefore, investors should take precautions to protect their funds.

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